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32: Teaching Your Family The Gospel – One step at a time

Let’s talk about the realistic challenges and joys of teaching the gospel within the family. It’s not easy. Yet it is. This episode unpacks the everyday struggles of scripture study with kids, managing expectations, and seeking divine guidance to foster a personal relationship with faith in a family environment. Kevin and Julie share personal anecdotes and gentle insights on how to approach gospel learning at home without overwhelming young minds.

1. **Balancing Expectations:** Learn about managing your expectations while encouraging spiritual growth at home without overwhelming your loved ones.

2. **Guidance from the Spirit:** Both Julie and Kevin share heartfelt insights on how actively seeking the spirit’s guidance can transform your teaching moments.

3. **The Importance of Example:** Discover the power of setting a clear, consistent example in living the gospel, which naturally nurtures a family environment ripe for spiritual discussions.

4. **Communication Strategies:** Explore creative communication ideas like text messaging to share gospel principles subtly and effectively with your children.

5. **Step-by-Step Improvement:** Kevin shares his journey from aiming for perfection to making gradual, meaningful progress, emphasizing that “the next step” is what counts.

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