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E31: Fire In Your Bones – An interview with Danny Ricks, BYU-I religion professor

How do you prepare for a gospel lesson? Well, at first you need fire in your bones! That’s what Danny Rick says. Danny is a religion professor at BYU-Idaho. He shares his experience from years of teaching the gospel.

1. Tailoring Scripture Study for Youth: Discover ways to make scripture study appealing and effective for young minds, even with challenges like dyslexia and packed schedules.

2. Creating a Class Culture of Trust: Learn from Danny how fostering an environment where every student feels valued can change the way they engage with spiritual teachings.

3. The Role of the Spirit in Teaching: Find out why it’s crucial to seek the Spirit’s guidance in preparing and delivering lessons that resonate well beyond the classroom.

4. Engagement Over Coverage: Danny shares insights on balancing the depth of material covered with ensuring students have meaningful experiences with the gospel.

5. Building Lasting Trust: Gain strategies on constructing a trusting relationship with students that encourages openness and heartfelt discussions.

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