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E35: Teaching Grace, Works, and Faith

How does a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints explain Grace, Works, and Faith? Well, not easily it seems. Ask a member of the church to explain it and usually we will stumble to come up with a good explanation.

Members of the church have been accused of “earning” their way to heaven, although scriptures say the exact opposite. But wait: What about, “…after all you can do”? How does that fit in?

Whether you are explaining these concepts to a member of your family, a class, or a friend who asks you why you think you can be saved by your works, this episode will help you explain it more succinctly and accurately.

Let’s dive into the intricate relationship between grace, faith, works, and salvation and clarify the often-confusing doctrines.

1. Earning vs. Qualifying: Understand the crucial difference between earning blessings and qualifying for them. It’s more than just checking off boxes; it’s about evolving and preparing ourselves to be in the presence of God.

2. Faith and Works: Discover why works are essential.

3. Grace Explained: Dig into the beautiful concept of grace. Kevin shares relatable analogies like dinner invites and Olympic teams to illustrate how grace works with faith and actions.

4. Scriptural Insights: Julie and Kevin use scriptures to break down complex ideas, pointing to Second Nephi and other verses to clarify salvation through grace—after all we can do.

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