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E34: Transform Your Personal Gospel Study

Are you a scripture taste tester or an “Academician”? (A word we thought Julie made up, but it’s a real title!) Whichever you are, or somewhere in between, how can you reignite your scripture study habits? In this episode we discuss different ways of effective scripture study to help you become a better teacher of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

5 Keys You’ll Learn

1. Study Defined by Results: Understand how results, not actions, define true gospel study. It’s about what you gain, not just what you do!

2. Immersive Scripture Reading: Discover the difference between simply reading and truly immersing yourself in scriptures. Spoiler: One will completely transform your study.

3. Practical Study Hacks: Kevin’s got some unique methods for diving deeply into scriptures, which include teaching yourself while studying—wait until you hear his “hack”!

4. Gradual Growth: Learn why expecting instantaneous mastery isn’t practical and the importance of taking gradual steps in your understanding and teaching journey.

5. Articulating Beliefs for Better Understanding: Julie’s insights on the neuropsychomuscular benefits of writing down your thoughts and teachings are mind-blowing. It’s a powerful way to deepen retention and comprehension.

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