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E8: Invitations that Inspire: How Your Powerful Invitations Can Change Lives

In this episode, hosts Kevin Jones and Julie Hilliard dive into the often overlooked, yet incredibly powerful, art of intentional invitations.

1-Discover the impactful examples of how Jesus invited others in the scriptures, showcasing the direct and powerful nature of his invitations.

2-Explore how making commitments and following up on them plays a crucial role in fostering accountability and building trust in teaching settings.

3-Uncover the hidden potential in creating a space for sharing experiences and how it can enhance engagement and expand excitement in your teachings.

4-Learn why putting in extra effort rather than making things too easy, can lead to more impactful invitations and ultimately, personal growth.

5-Delve into the role of inspiration and preparation before extending invitations, and the power of the Spirit in bridging the gap between hesitation and action. Download the shownotes at

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