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E24: When Your Problem is TOO MUCH Discussion

Have you ever asked a question and had a class go off in the wrong direction? Maybe they went off-track in overly lengthy discussions. Or maybe the class was just too chatty? In today’s episode we learn one way to help focus the class so that all discussion brings us closer to Jesus Christ.

1. **Mastering Feedback**: Learn the art of taking feedback and using it to transform your classroom discussions into powerful learning experiences.

2. **To Discuss or Not to Discuss**: Understand when discussions aid learning and when they can disrupt the classroom dynamic, and find out how to strike that delicate balance.

3. **Creating a Learner Council**: Get introduced to the innovative concept of a learner council and how it can help maintain focus in a class that’s brimming with varying opinions.

4. **The Art of Edifying Comments**: Discover how to channel comments in a way that they become constructive, interconnected, and build towards a common goal – the very essence of edification.

5. **Involving Every Learner**: Tackle the challenge of engaging an entire class, accounting for different learning styles, and ensuring that everyone is both seen and heard.

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