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E19: Unconventional but Powerful: The Dayleys’ Approach to Gospel Teaching

In this episode we talk with Dan and Bekah Dayley where we learn how they teach with the spirit, embracing awkward pauses, and foster an atmosphere of authentic comments —all in an organic Thursday night discussion group you have to hear about! Here are some things we talk about:

1. 🔄 A Dynamic Approach: Find out how a Thursday night class can evolve into a life-changing experience that’s different every single time you step foot in the door.

2. 🤫 Embracing the Silence: Learn why those long, sometimes awkward pauses can be exactly what’s needed for everyone to truly connect and digest the spiritual vibes.

3. ☝️ Spirit-Led Curriculum: Discover the beauty and power of tossing the lesson plan out the window and allowing the Spirit to do the teaching.

4. 📣 Real Talk: This isn’t your grandma’s Sunday school! They blend personal stories with gospel principles for a discussion that resonates with everyone.

5. Discover how Bekah prepares for the group using inspiration, and how flexibility in discussion allows for a spiritually connected experience.

Their dedication to fostering a welcoming environment for everyone, from new and investigating members to long-time members, has turned their class into an invaluable mid-week dose of the Spirit for many.

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